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Project Description

Cementing and Casing Accessories

Rawasi Oil Services LLC (ROS) has a 5 years contract with BP Oman for Provision of Casing Accessories. The awarded contract will end in 2024. ROS in association with Downhole Products Ltd (DHP) are carrying all shared experiences to deliver the best practice services/products to BP Oman. Furthermore, ROS and DHP are willing to deliver new products designed specially for BP Oman and to cover their operation needs.

This contract is the first on consignment contract from BP which has been assigned successfully to local 100% Omani company (ROS). This contract is challenging  ROS capabilities to handle such first casing & cementing accessories contract. Furthermore, this contract will deliver the best practices for ROS team to handle any further casing & cementing accessories contract.

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( 5 years contract)




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